TRACK NAME: Glory Road
ARTIST: Team Hakone Academy

Yowamushi Pedal TV Series
ED 3 Song - Glory Road
Team Hakone Academy


New album “come Here” for KAT-TUN!

KAT-TUN will lure you over with their new upcoming album “come Here”!
To be released on June 25, their 8th album will have a total of 16 songs (+ 2 bonus songs on the Regular Edition) including “To The Limit”, “Fumetsu no Scrum”, “Expose”, “FACE to Face” (their new single “In Fact” is -not- included), AND! 4 solo songs by each member!
The Limited Edition will have a bonus DVD with a PV + Making Of, plus a 40-page lyrics booklet.

Each version will have a different album cover.

Please support KAT-TUN by buying their album!
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Yowamushi Pedal x Pocari Sweat - Special Ride 4
Bigger Size

TRACK NAME: Trust your anthem
ALBUM TITLE: Imagination


Song: Trust your anthem
Artist: SPYAIR
Album: Imagination [Single]


New single “In Fact” to be released on June 4 2014

It’s official: KAT-TUN’s new single “In Fact” will be released on June 4 2014!

As previously reported, “In Fact” is the theme song for Nakamaru’s new drama “First Class”.

  • The Limited Edition includes the songs “In Fact” and “Believe In Myself”, plus a DVD with the “In Fact” PV and making of.
  • The First Press edition will have, besides “In Fact”, three new songs (whose titles haven’t been made public yet) and the corresponding karaoke tracks.
  • The Regular Edition includes “In Fact”, “Believe in Myself” (the new theme song for Dramatic Game 1844) an yet another currently title-less song, plus all corresponding karaoke versions.

J-Storm doesn’t mention anything about a member solo, so it seems that Kamenashi’s solo will -not- be included in this release.

Each edition has a different album cover.

Please support KAT-TUN by buying their single(s)! ((I will!))


Hunter x Hunter: On a Venatic Path is a bilingual project that seeks to gather the best of fandom works, merging images and words, to promote the wonderful world of HxH to english-speaking and spanish-speaking anime/manga fans. It features the works from +60 amazing artists from all over the world!

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The regular preorder only includes the book.

The Scarlet preorder includes one random acrylic charm out of 5 designs: Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio or Hisoka and a free mini-poster out of 3 possible designs.

Size B5 
90 pages 
Full color
All profits from the book will go to the copies of the contributing artists and to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital



USA $8.00 | USA Priority $9.50
Canada $11.00 | Canada Priority $24.00
International $18.00 | International Priority $29.00

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